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Welcome to Price Tattoo, home to some of the most talented tattoo and piercing artists in the Chicagoland area. We prioritize cleanliness and quality, intending to meet your highest standards and expectations. Your experience with us should be as memorable as the body art you leave with. We are committed to maintaining a sanitary working space, while simultaneously providing a relaxed atmosphere so both artist and client will feel calm and confident throughout the artistic process.

Our goal is to match you with your ideal artist in design and personality to create the perfect harmony between vision and talent. Our staff at Price Tattoo are certified in cutting-edge methodologies and skilled in the art of listening, so we can provide quality service to bring your ideas to life. Schedule your initial consultation today to get started!

About Us

Price Tattoo is not your average tattoo shop. Clients from all over the country come to us for a unique, relaxing experience and leave our studio already thinking about their next piece. This is why tattoo enthusiasts, from far and wide, choose Price Tattoo for their tattoo service needs.

We are an artistic tattoo studio that serves clients with tattoo-related needs at reasonable prices. Our talented tattoo artists are experts in their field giving each customer an original tattoo design they will be proud of for many years to come. We have been tattooing our clients for over 25 years and have expanded to many locations across the country.

Our tattoo studio is more than just a tattoo parlor; it’s a place where clients come to unwind, relax, and get tattooed. Our tattoo artists will tattoo you in a private and clean tattoo studio with top-notch tattooing supplies. We have fully licensed tattoo experts who hold current, up-to-date health certificates.

Quality Art, Unique Experience

Price tattoo is one of the most well-loved tattoo parlors in the Chicagoland area. We offer quality tattoo services, with tattoo artists who are not only skilled in their artistic expertise but are exceptionally friendly and welcoming to all.

Although tattoos aren’t for everyone, those who do choose to have them done can rest assured Price tattoo is a clean, professional tattoo parlor with a sterilized environment and staff members who will go out of their way to make sure you leave our tattoo parlor with a quality tattoo.

We offer tattoo services for men, women, and children over 18 years without legal guardianship present. Those who choose to get tattoos at one of the best tattoo parlors in Chicago can expect outstanding service from exceptionally qualified and creative staff.

Our tattoo artists come highly recommended because they are not only good at what they do but are also very personable and take great pride in tattooing every client to the best of their ability. They enjoy tattooing people of all ages because they appreciate seeing first-time tattoo seekers as well as tattoo enthusiasts who’ve been looking for a tattoo parlor that provides quality service with artistic flair.

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Our Services


Covering both small and large areas with a variety of tattoo designs. Key products we sell are tattoo guns, tattoo needles and grips, tattoo ink (black tattoo ink; red tattoo ink), custom tattoos, piercing jewelry (gold piercing jewelry). All tattoo ink and tattoo guns are sold in sterile packaging.

Tattoo Removal

Cover up tattoos or other marks on your skin. Already tattooed? Want to cover up some old ink? We offer tattoo removal to cover up tattoos or other marks on your skin.

Body Piercings

Using high-quality gold jewelry that’s safe and doesn’t harbor disease. Our tattoo shop also offers piercings for all parts of your body (ears, nose, eyebrows), and has an onsite tattoo pain management specialist to ease the experience.

Quality and Cleanliness

Our team of body artists have been tattooing clients for 25 years, tattoo removal for 6 years, and piercing jewelry for 5 years. We offer free consultation in person or over the phone before any ink touches your skin. We tattoo at both our tattoo parlor and tattoo removal clinic.

Price tattoo is a member of the tattoo association, which ensures tattoo artists are certified in tattoo health and safety standards.

Our staff is trained annually in-house by an external OSHA representative to maintain up-to-date health and safety services while you are in our care. Additionally, tattoo machines are scrubbed with a disinfectant to ward off any bacteria.

We finish the tattoo process by passing our tattoo needles through an autoclave, which sterilizes tattoo materials for your safety. We also offer advanced equipment to help ensure tattoo quality and superior hygiene control which will prevent infections.

Price tattoo is proud of our team and will continue to be instrumental in each client’s experience by providing quality tattoo services with artistic flair.

More Than a Tattoo

We pride ourselves on honoring the traditions of tattooing and body art: past, present, and future. We are implementing tattooing in a modern, artistic manner. Our tattoo parlor is a tattoo shop where you can get tattoo design ideas.

Our staff is formally certified in tattoo application and body piercings, all regularly enrolled in continuing education courses for cutting-edge art, design, and technique so we can confidently provide quality service for each and every client. More importantly, we are trained and skilled in the art of listening. Our goal is to achieve the vision of the client through the eyes and professional touch of the unique artist. To meet this perfect harmony of vision and talent, we strongly encourage a consultation appointment before every new design. As part of the process, we will provide markups and revisions to get it exactly right BEFORE the application of any permanent ink to your skin.

We tattoo in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. We are located in Chicago Illinois, the tattooing capital of the world! We offer complimentary tea or water upon arrival and refreshments throughout your tattoo procedure.

The Tattooing Process

In our tattoo shop, we tattoo with pigments that are tattoo safe and environmentally friendly. When applied by a professional artist in a sanitary environment, they provide a vibrant tattoo without any pain or long-term negative effects on your health. Our tattoo artist will select the tattoo pigments that are right for your skin type and tattoo design.

We also follow proper tattoo techniques to minimize ink absorption and ensure a tattoo of high quality, which is why we use single-use needles/needle tips, single-use jars for mixing tattoo pigment, and latex gloves in each client tattoo procedure.

After your tattoo is complete and healed, we provide a tattoo aftercare kit with tattoo healing instructions and tattoo care products for your tattoo to heal as quickly and safely as possible. These tattoo aftercare kits are available at all of our locations!

We take pride in their artistic ability, continuing education, commitment to health and safety, tattoo technique, tattoo aftercare, and dedication to providing a quality tattoo service.

Our Artists

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